My Approach to Game Writing – Organic Storytelling

All games have a story to tell. While some are more complex than others, story should never exist in a vacuum, exclusive to the gameplay. Story needs to be embedded into the game; it needs to bleed through the dialogue and plot and permeate the atmosphere so that walking/running/shooting through the game-space is also walking/running/shooting through the story-space.

In Opal City, there is no such thing as freedom - only exemption. 

Play as Senna, a powerful psychic and former government operative. You must unravel the conspiracy surrounding your friend's death and clear your name before the government's psionic kill squad finds you  and eliminates you.

There’s profit out ‘ther in the Great Blue Yonder, kid – alls you need is a ship . . . and the gumption to make it happen.

I can help you with the ship part.

Highspeed action with airships! Take to the skies of Hylandia and amass a fortune fit for a king (or a pirate).

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